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Utjecaj stranih radnika na sezonski rad

Utjecaj stranih radnika na sezonski rad

Sezonski rad predstavlja važan segment tržišta rada u Hrvatskoj, a zapošljavanje stranih radnika može imati…

Koje su mi prednosti zapošljavanja stranog radnika? Imam li rizik?

Koje su mi prednosti zapošljavanja stranog radnika? Imam li rizik?

U današnjem globalnom društvu, zapošljavanje stranih radnika postaje sve češće i korisnije za tvrtke koje…

Istraživanje beneficija zapošljavanja stranih radnika – Zašto i kako?

Istraživanje beneficija zapošljavanja stranih radnika – Zašto i kako?

U današnjem globaliziranom svijetu, sve je više tvrtki koje se odlučuju za zapošljavanje stranih radnika…

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Employment of foreign workers | Welcome to

We can help you find an employee!

Hiring foreign workers – making the decision to hire is never easy. A shorter risk-free period serves to ensure that you have made the right decision before permanent employment. We call this model “Staffing to Hire”. We have realized that the key to successful collaboration is continuous contact that allows you to seek assistance with any aspect of the work process and worker adaptation, and for us to bring the service to an even higher level. Our customer satisfaction team guarantees just that.

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Employment of foreign workers

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Employment of foreign workers - How do we work?

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In order to provide you with a quality and qualified workforce, we select candidates through a process of detailed interviews. For certain positions, we also perform qualification testing in testing centers as well as psychological testing. After we find the “right” worker, we can start the process of bringing workers to the Republic of Croatia.


Obtaining permits

In the process of bringing in workers, we have no influence on some things. Competent institutions such as the Croatian Employment Service, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are responsible for most of the steps related to obtaining the necessary documentation and permits for foreigners to stay and work in the Republic of Croatia.


Preparation for arrival

The final steps serve for orientation of workers and other obligations upon arrival in Croatia. This step includes a flight to Croatia, registration of residence, arrival at accommodation and a medical examination.

We have an ideal solution for you!

Seasonal jobs

Croatia is a country of tourism, especially summer tourism. The shortage of our labor force forced numerous Croatian entrepreneurs to turn to foreign labor. For you, we find quality workers in the field of catering and other activities that are missing during the summer season in the Republic of Croatia.

Construction workers

The greatest demand for workers in the Republic of Croatia is found in the construction industry. We find and recruit only qualified labor for all types of construction related jobs.


In agriculture, as the foundation of every developed country, there has been a shortage of labor for years. From Southeast Asian countries, we find motivated workers who are ready to perform tasks related to farming, livestock, and the food industry in our country.

Textile industry

With the help of Job Hunter, many Croatian clothing and textile manufacturers have found suitable workers among the labor force brought in from third countries.


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